Ready? Right, let's do this people, c'mon

posted 29/08/2016 by Rik

Hello there.

Sorry for the long delay between updates. I moved house and was without internet...until now. 3 weeks without the internet! Don't worry, I made it through somehow. Am I some kind of modern hero? That's not for me to say.

While I've been away, there's been action aplenty at The Good Old Days. Mr Creosote has been hitting the TGOD Game Challenge hard in recent weeks. Latest reviews include CD-i games Inca and Kether and an old Amiga game called Archipelagos which I remember owning for the Atari ST.

There's too much going on for me to list (which, I know, is my own fault) - why not head down there and take a look.

Also, The Dos Spirit has some new additions: Jetpack and SimTower. The latter is one I always meant to try out, I think Stoo reviewed it some time ago on FFG.

Right. That's it. Back to normal service from now on, hopefully!


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