Caught by the river

posted 23/11/2014 by Rik

Hi there.

Plenty happening in APlaces land tonight.

The most recent additions at DJ OldGames are: Cool World, Shadowgate and North and South.

From the 2014 Interactive Fiction Competition, The Good Old Days bring us Fifteen Minutes and Transparent.

Just Games Retro added a review of Legend of the Mystical Ninja on the SNES. have added a Commodore 64 section. New additions include the C64 versions Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja and Outrun.

And finally, we had to reject a new applicant, for a number of reasons. I can't e-mail the webmaster now because my e-mail is down. Oh, and so is FFG, for the time being. Let's hope it's only temporary.

See you next week!

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